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June 11, 2012


I gotta say I think FP has really upped his game as a color guy - He's great to listen to on a regular basis.

The night before he'd been teasing Bob about how Bob and the other broadcasters were flinching whenever a foul ball got too close to the booth.... so it was karma that he caught one.

I really enjoy listening to FP. He's a definite asset to the broadcast booth.

Good catch and great job announcing/commenting on the Nats games this year. As far as Jayson Werth is concerned SOME stupid fans (who were wearing Phillies stuff) said some very mean and stupid things when he got hurt. However, I was in the crowd when he returned on 2 August and I am a Phillies Phan who was sitting with many other Phillies Phans and none of us booed; in fact some of us cheered when Jayson came to bat. If the Phils can't win this year, I wish the Nats the best and will root for them the rest of the way out, Jayson Werth included.

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