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July 15, 2012


That's a clown manager, bro!

Its a healthy rivalry I guess

Ozzie should get really come back to reality. This imaginary world he lives in is getting old!

I love it. Ozzie showing some Natitude!!

Bryce pointing the bat the way he did in the game is the same thing he does every at bat/every game. Guillen is just an f....ing idiot.

Ozzie Giillen is such a disgrace.

Guillen is an a-hole.Wish he'd go away. He's not even a good manager. He's a disgrace to MLB.

harper was acting like the bat was his dick. He is a frat boy douche bag. Your such a clown "BRO".

Ozzie Guillen is Kenny Powers

Kenny Powers says the Charros need a new 3rd base coach, Ozzie

Maybe Guillen was thinking about Fidel and got soooo excited

Harper does the same thing at every at-bat, and Ozzie never had a problem with him before the All Star break. Just sayin'. Talk about unprofessional, he should shut it. What a cry baby!

LOL But y'all know Harper was totally yanking guillen's chain. Guillen is such a tool, ANYONE can kick his tool bag

How long before Harper gets a fastball in the earflap. Should have happened today.

Ozzie is an embarcement to baseball. He should show this great game more respect. My high school and college coach both had their number one rule of play the game with respect and ozzie cant even manafe with respect.

Managers get fined all the time for criticizing umps/referees etc. When is the commish going to start instituting fines for foul language. Ozzie is a disgrace!

I think its funny how nationals fans have a good team for 5 min and now they think they are the Phillies. What a joke. They can't even sell out a game. LOL

I love this stuff. A 0-0 game in the 4th needed something to happen to pump up the players and make the game more interesting.

Like Guillen or not the guy is old school, problem with players nowadays is that they come into the league with a feeling of entitlement. Thats bullshyt, the thing here is he told Harper and that's it, he didn't go on about it on espn or mlb network. Harper hasn't won shyt yet but because everyones on his nut sack he's being a smart ass. Maybe hamels needs to pitch to him again and remind him hes still a rook.

maybe peopel need to stop acting like ass holes on here.. harper did nothing different then he does when comes to bat. if there is a issue with pine tar then that is the umps job not some coach that sucks and has had so many warnings about his attitude and foul language. and for you dumb shyts that think throwing a fast ball at a persons head is how to get someones attention grow up.. let me drive a truck over you at 50 mph thank about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ozzie should have sent Giancarlo out to beat the f*** out of him

Let's see Ozzie comes out cursing and doing his crazy-ass manager routine and its Harper's fault. Who looked like the 19 year old here? Too you others "Philly fans" We just got a baseball team so give us a minute to sell out, but while we do that why don't you go dust off your Superbowl trophies. Oops, sorry you don't have any. Enjoy the ride-down why we continue to whip that ass (all 5 minutes of it, right).

I'm no Ozzie Guillen fan, I think the guy is a prick, but I'm with him on his. Why, because I dislike Harper more then I dislike Ozzie. Harper acts like he's some huge star, he's done it since he was in the minors, but in reality, he's a nobody. What has he done that makes him so special? Not a damn thing!!! He's done nothing to deserve an ounce of respect, yet he thinks he deserves tons. Win some awards, put up some stats that stand out, then maybe people will respect you. Until then, you're just another little jerk who thinks he's better then he is.

lol all these people crying that Ozzie is a disgrace. He is one of the best managers in baseball. this kid Harper needs to grow up, realize he's a professional baseball player and role model for young kids all over the country, and stop this frat boy shit. acting like the bat is his dick is unprofessional. he deserves a nice old school beaning for that.

I really hope that wasn't a Marlins fan cracking on anyone's attendance numbers because after the novelty rubs off of that new stadium, you guys will be right back at the very bottom of the league again.

John Doe you are an idiot. Harper has been dominating the game for years and he is only 19 years old... Ozzie and his underperforming club need to find other things to complain about. There's a reason why Harper made the all-star squad - he's an incredible ball player. Whatever routine he has in the box is his business... he's batting batting 2 - 5 on a squad that is currently dominating the NL east. I look forward to years of all star selections and dominance from Harper... let's not forget that he set the world record hitting home runs as a high school senior... and did it all with a wood bat. When asked why he wasn't using aluminum like other players, Bryce responded, " I'm just getting ready for the big time... aluminum bats don't mean anything at that level, so why use them at all? "

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