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July 15, 2012


tetreault08@gmail.com:if you look at the bat it is illegal and not to be used in mlb game.

This rookie should show some respect to the players that paved the way for others, just like in any professional sport. He certainly needs to earn respect around the league and this kind of act lets you know he is just a kid that needs a good scolding by his manager.


glad ozzies not in the al central anymore, someone else can deal with all his "tool shed" now

lol...he was a douche when he played for CSN before he got drafted, he was a douche in the minors... and hes a douche in the majors...k, im over it. let him be and let the baseball gods slap him with karma when its his time.

Harper is holding the bat like its his prick with a smart ass look on his face. How is anyone OK with that and on Ozzie for not liking it? Ozzie needs to tone down the talk but this kid needs to be beaned until he either shows some respect or lands in an emergency room. He is no Mike Trout, who is classier and much better.

Sporty new togs. Brand new ballyard. What's with all those fans dressed in blue?

first of all ozzie did the right thing and went about it the right way harper came out acting like an entitled child thinking he can do whatever he wants if there were no pine tar issue this wouldnt have happened why couldnt harper just fix the situation if i were a manager on an opposing team and thought someone had an unfair advantage id say something too and if you wouldnt you should remove yourself from that position stand up for your team.2nd bill drucker ozzie did it the right way first so how is that disrespectful to the game? what should be EMBARRASSING is the fact that you state you went to high school and college and you still cant spell. 3rd scott s if he thought they were the phillies wouldnt he have to lose some more games because if you havent noticed they are in last place

I don't understand why the people hate on Bryce Harper? Wait I know why.....your jealous. He is a breakout player and he only 19. He hustles. Something Ozzie did years ago when he played the game. What you people need to realize is Bryce Harper is good for the game and instead of being jealous of him, give him his just do's. He a good ball player playing old school. Oh by the way I am not eve a Nats fan. I am a Yankee's fan

Bush Leaguer Davey Johnson pulls crap on Ray pitcher but nothing happens to Nats player will ilegal equipment, Pine tar can only be so far down on bat. Sound like screwey politics to me

Harper is just a punk with no respect for the game. All you Nattts fans know it. Admit it.

I did not hate Harper until I saw that smart ass grin and penis act with a bat. I had only seen him once he is in the box facing the pitchers. After the pine tar crap with the rays and this I have a new team to hate. Out with the Phillies in with the Nats.

I have been watching Harper all year. Talented, no doubt but he is very disrespectful on a daily basis to everyone. Granted Ozzie is Ozzie but Harper needs to tone it down and respect the game, the unos, and the veterans. Haven't seen that. He's really a bit of a punk!

worry about winning U communist sob

he's a 19 yr.old rookie, get over it all you guillen-lovers !! guillen has been an azzhole ever since his playing days,and will never change. he sucked in chicago and now sucks in florida !!

What is the big deal about Harper? he did not belong in the all-star game, there are lots of guys who are having a better year than him. He is not in the top 30 outfielders in any statistical category, see mlb.com/stats, (Avg-30th, Runs-33rd, 2b-35th, Hr-56th, RBI-71st)

It was a shame they invited this PUNK to the ASG and passed over a more deserving vet. This isn't Mike Trout here, he is a rook who EARNED his spot and anytime I see him conducts himself with respect. You don't need to be a punk to hustle and play hard.

Bryce Harper seems like a jerk. Get used to it Nats fans.

If this was different manager and a different player, this isn't a story. Lots of fans on the Bryce Harper bandwagon lately and his cockiness will come back to haunt him.

Every one who is hating on Harper is a fool, he plays the game like it should be hard nosed. Some one talks shit he backs himself up. Ozzie is the worst manager of all time, its a publicity stunt when he is a manger knowing if the team is bad he will mouth off and get the team on TV any way he can. Ozzie picks on a 19 yr old grow up. Harper and Strasburg are elite baseball players, playing hard for the love of the game they havent had their heads inflated with millions of dollars, name another player who runs the bases like Harper and name another pitcher who tries that hard at the plate? None Ozzie is a punk and I would be embarrassed as an owner to have him manage my team.

if I was an owner I wouldn't hire Ozzie.

seeing this over hyped "bro clown" get shut down vs the yankees and fail when he had a chance to do something in late game spots was all i needed to see.

call me when ur ready to play with the big boys in the AL east, till then keep playing t-ball in the NL

I didn't see Harper do anything out of his normal batting routine. Apparently Ozzie is seeing dicks in everything he looks at now-a-days. And getting excited over them at that.

I def am not a fan of guillen but what he did was no different than what Whitey Herzog used to do the mets and howard johnson (corked bats)or pitchers like mike scott and cheaters like neikro. Baseball is mostly mental and ozzie was trying to get under his skin. However i think it backfired. He could have done it with a tad more class however ozzie has never showed class before so why should he start now.

I think it's funny that Philly has won 2 World Series in 127 years and is 14 games back; and their fans think that any team wants to be them. LOL

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