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July 15, 2012


Hey Ozzie -you and your hero Fidel Castro can go fook yourselves. and Hugo Chavez can go pound salt where the pine tar doesn't shine.

Nats think they are the Phillies? LMFAO!

Should have been stated they think they are the Yankees. In 110 years The Phillies have ONLY won 2 World Series. What a JOKE.The New York Giants have won as many Super Bowls as ALL of the Philadelphia teams, Phils, Eagles, Flyers, etc

Philadelphia...... city of LOSERS.

Regardless of the situation Harper is a douchebag and has always been a douchebag.

Guillen is a disgrace to the game . The profanity. The Castro comments. The way he left Chicago. This guys a nut and the so call commissioner says and does NOTHING. If this was the NFL, NBA or the NHL, this clown would go sit for a month minimum. The MLB commissioner is useless and powerless.
But well paid?

Phillies fans want the Nats to sell out some games like they do. The longer the "fightins" stay last, the less chance they have of more sell outs.

Harper is a complete d-bag with that fratboy sense of entitlement persona. DC fans get a team that took 7 years to get good and suddenly they start winning and Washington fans come out of the woodworks in droves to stick up for this kid. Talent or not, Harper needs to learn to have respect for the game. As for the fan who said "Too you others "Philly fans" We just got a baseball team so give us a minute to sell out, but while we do that why don't you go dust off your Superbowl trophies. Oops, sorry you don't have any. Enjoy the ride-down why we continue to whip that ass (all 5 minutes of it, right)." I'm not a Philly fan at all. But 'Skins fans can enjoy their recent super bowls. Oh wait it's been 20 years since you won one. THat was also the last time the 'Skins were relevant. I enjoy watching my O's crush the Nats this year and I'll enjoy watching my Ravens lay the 'Skins to rest. Enjoy more mediocrity DC sports fans.

To Zhage (4 posts prior):

I'll ignore the fact the you type like a 5th grader and skip right to your ignorant foolish comment. The New York Giants have won more super bowls then all of the Philadelphia teams because only the NFL holds the super bowl. However, I believe you meant championships. The New York Giants have 4 super bowls. The Philadelphia Flyers have 2 stanley cups. The Philadelphia Phillies and 2 world series and the Philadelphia Athletics have 5 world series, which I include because althought it is a different franchise you are talking about "Philadelphia" championships. The Philadelphia Eagles have 0 super bowls but 3 championships before the super bowl was invented and played. The Philadelphia 76ers have more playoff wins than any other NBA franchise besides the Celtics and Lakers. They have 3 championships. I will do the math for you because I clearly do not trust your arithmetic skills. New York Giants - 4, Philadelphia 4 major sports teams - 15 (7 if you don't count the old school championships). So thank you for your ignorance zhage.

Follow up to above post. I do agree Philadelphia teams have a unfortunate reputation of losing and lacking in the championship department but Philadelphia also has some of the most passionate fans in the world. The Redskins have a passionate loyal fan base I'll give you that, but as a whole their reputation is not as strong as Philly. While Harper is very talented and will likely have a bright future he has had many arrogant moments in his young career such as winking at a minor league pitcher after hitting a home run. Come on that's a clown move bro. I do understand Nationals fans still standing behind him, I probably would if Harper was on my team as well but you have to understand why non-Nationals fan would see Harper as immature at times.

John the homer Nats fan, you my friend are the idiot. Harper is a classless fratboy douche that has done absolutely nothing. Hammels should have hit him in the head. His very average stats don't even place him in the top five of rookies let alone an all-star appearance. First of all, it is impossible to dominate for years as a 19 year old. Who cares what he did in high school. He hit 256 for his AA team last year. Is that domination? He is currently 12th in average, 8th in home runs, 8th in RBI's, for all ROOKIES. Mike Trout is significantly better in every single offensive category. There were 20-30 players that had significantly better numbers than him but were left off the all star team because of the so called Harper buzz. Average fielder with an average arm and range. Holding his bat like a dick is pathetic and low class.

Hey Ed, he's been dominating at a high school/minor league level so don't get too high on him. He is a rookie after all. Ever heard of Mike Trout? The kid is one yr older than Harper and is playing way better ball...in the American League, where the pitching is better. Harper wasn't selected to the All Star game, he was an alternate. And that "world record" was against high school pitching...a monkey could bat .300 in high school. What's his BA now against the big boys? How many "world record" homeruns has he hit? Get over yourself and off of Harper's nuts. Yeah, he'll win ROTY in a league and division that is terrible. Bottom line is yes, Guillen is an idiot and should have some composure. But Harper taunting him shows he's still immature and thus, deserves to be heckled and talked trash to. You don't see Mike Trout out there using pine tar high up on the barrel of the bat for better control and taunting Ron Washington, do you?

Harper's a snot-nosed little a-hole, but Guillen's just a blithering idiot.

Harper does not show respect for the game. Davey should teach him some before he gets hurt.

To all you Harper Hater squat-to-pees, don't waste all your tears this season. You are going to need them for a long time to come.

Harper dominating WHAT game for years???? The Oz was celebrating the 2005 World Championship when your boy was in diapers. Learn to respect those that have won it all in the Bigs you half a sissy.

A heater near Harper's helmet will straighten out his thinking

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