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July 15, 2012


Looks like the pine tar was much lower in the next at bat. Likely Harper complied. But perhaps threw some tude back Ozzie's way. Perhaps. Not a big deal if he did, as this is just banter between a nineteen year old phenom who is not going to be intimidated if he wants to survive in the league at a young age and I guy who doesn't think twice about using his words to stir the pot. Right or wrong either way for either guy? I think it probably played out as well as it could given the participants. Just laugh and enjoy!

Yankee and Philly fans talk as if it is some great accomplishment to win with a payroll three times the size of the rest of the league.

All Harper does is praise everybody. I watch him everyday and he never shows up anybody. He plays the game right. If you think he's overrated, you don't know the game. Marlins attempted to buy a contender. As a Redskin Fan let me be the first to tell ya' it doesn't work.

Oooooooozie is just a foul mouthed Chavez loving jerk. He should worry about his dead ball club. He figured he would get the $$$ and automatically win the Division and be the big hero down there. Didn't take him long to open his fat mouth and tarnish that idea. He's just bush league and always will be. Great manager, my arse !!!

Ozzie you are an idiot. Harper has been a
name in the game for years and he is only 19 years old... Ozzie need's to find other things to complain about or shut your friggn mouth! There's a reason why Harper made the all-star squadand will again next year, he's an fantastic ball player.

anyone think ozzie had legit beef with the pine tar on the bat?

I don't understand why people are saying harper needs to win some awards hes a rookie! How can he have any awards at 19 and his first year in the majors!? Yall need to think a little bit before you post. Also, what Guillen did was the right thing (coming out and saying "Hey watch th pine tar") but Harper did nothing different from his normal routine so to everyone that is saying what Harper did was offensive or a dick move obviously don't know anything about him. That's like saying Sandoval's pre-AB routine is him being a dick or anyone's for that matter. Oh, last I checked the Nats have been selling out the majority of games since early June. Quite awhile for only being good for "5 min" huh?And we don't think were the Phillies, if we did we wouldn't show up to a game.

dominating the game for years????? wow, what an imagination.

Ozzie wouldn't know professionalism if it chomped on his butt.Professional hack, maybe! His FU to either Harper or Johnson was professional ? I'm guessing Harper will be in Washington long after Ozzie's departure from South Beach.

Big bad AL East you say ? Have lost as many World Series as won in the last 11 years. Domination at it's best? Only in someone's mind.Do we need to mention that the NL does it with 9 players not 10 ?

look at the bat the first at bat, pine tar way to far down the barrel (ask George Brett). next at bat it's a different bat as the pine tar is not as far down barrel. That was ozzie was bitching about.

Ozzie is a great manager, that punk kid needs to grow up and fast. A ball up side the head should do it. Also superbowl trophies is football.

im no fan of either but I think ozzie is right. Harper is arrogant has been and still will be, there is no denying his talent but this is a pattern. Remember in the minors he blew a kiss to the pitcher after hitting a home run... that's someone who needs to have a few fastballs thrown at him.

Too bad its a dildo like Ozzie making the OBVIOUS point that Harper is a douchebag, as he is a clown and the message is easily laughed at-BUT all you have to do is look at Harpers history to realize Dude is an asshole, an asshole who plays hard. Respect his effort and talent, but it is OFTEN overshadowed by his immaturity. And to say "we were all like that at 19" is a retarded argument, as his experience is well beyond ALL our age at 19.

I see that there a QUITE a few idiots out there today. Let's face the facts: 1)the Marlins and the Phillies and their HUGE payrolls have 'not realized their potentail' thus far in the season. God luck in the 2nd half. 2)Ozzie is an impulsive hot head idiot that runs his mouth without thinking. 3)Let someone plant a fastball in Ryan Howards spine and then watch the PA National Guard come out to stop the rioting...

Peace OUT Phillie fans, come on down for another whoopin'!

Mickey Mantle started this way, so did Tony Conigiliaro.
This could could go either way, but respecting the game doesn't seem to be in his makeup, there could be a high tight pitch or two in his future, from what I've seen of him, he's lucky to be playing the game today and not thirty years ago

Ozzie looks so confused by everything no wonder he got upset. He simply didn't know what was going on so he did what he does best - he starts jabbering and yelling.

Hey, I'm a Phillies fan through andthroughand I intended to just read youall going on about Harper and Guillen. But somebody just had to drag in the Phillies and their fans. Washington fans, face it without the Flyers fans heading for the Spectrum South (Cap Center for the unenlightened) the Capitals would never have survived with the lack of followers until the won a Cup and they hve won a Cup since the Flyers won their two, now that they aren't quite as successful their attendance numbers are falling unlike in Phiily where we come out whether our teams are winning or losing. we are not bandwagon fans. So far this season with a very solid ballclub, perhaps one or two players or a little more experience from being a quality contender for the World Series, It is still Phillie fans that are helping your attendance figures. Last place Phils are still selling out all their home games. Like us or not we sure as hell and sure as there always next year we stand by our teams. We may give them hell, but it's tough love.

Harper is a cocky, over-rated little douche-bag. What's his batting average.....280!? WTF is he doing in the All-Star game. Total BS. You'd never see Mike Trout pulling that punk BS. Oh yeah....and Trout is batting freakin' .349!! and the front runner for AL MVP. Grow up, Harper....and earn your massive paycheck. I hope someone drills him in his pie hole.

Harper makes every game worth watching. All you old schoolers need to get over it and watch the beginning of this revolution.
He walks up to the box the same way every time. Haters watch his work before criticizing it. Yes, the tar was high but he corrected it and moved on. Ozzie needs to be on medication.In the Image 5073, Harper is smirking at him, thinking, "What the eef is wrong with this guy?"



Of all the people complaining about anything, Ozzie Guillen should be the last.
When he was 3b coach in Atlanta, he behaved himself. Since becoming a ML manager, he has
many times been an embarrassment and that is
sad. Praising Fidel while managing a team in Miami says all that needs to be said about Ozzie at this stage in his life. He needs to get some meds and religion to keep his emotions and foul mouth in check.

Ozzie Guillen is an ass--always has been, always will be.

It's always about Ozzie...what a clown!

Ozzie is a MORON. If the show isn't about him and him only he's not happy. They thru him out of Chitown he will be leaving florida a lot sooner The faster baseball get's rid of this clown the better.

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