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July 17, 2012


He's the kind of guy they need to bring back into the fold. I think he'd be good on TV, I wonder if there is any interest.


Peter Angelos will never hire Cordero. He will treat the Nationals the way George Steinbrenner used to treat the Mets- do anything you can to keep the Nats from developing their own traditions and history. Steinbrenner would hire every Met who could eventually be a legend to make them part of the Yankees lore. Angelos won't let Cordero come to MASN because only the O's are allowed to have former players to make a historical connection with the fans.


Nats are playing the Braves Friday, not the Mets.

WFY & Positively Half St., MASN will have to wait as Chad will be pitching again for the Nats in a set-up role next year. He will be pitching in Winter ball this year and is in great shape.

This truly is an incredible story. ChadIn2013

He does look like he's lost the baby fat he used to carry around. But what's with the slightly curved brim?

I was hoping theyd save this for the first playoffs game in Nats history....It'd be nice if the Chief or Frank Robinson threw out the first pitch in the playoffs if were fortunate enough....I'll be there Friday, make sure he gets a good ovation!!

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