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August 24, 2012


My eyes are bad. Something about a Donut Hut?


It seems as if the media is heading up the protest against shutting down Strasburg after a pre-determined number of innings set by the Nationals' pitching experts. For God sakes - don't let some bystanders control your decisions! Often, young and/or recovering pitchers are limited to ensure their futures, and if this is the opinion of the team, go with it! The current team management has this team at the top of the baseball world, so give them a little credit on their recent decisions. Probably some media big-mouths have him on their fantasy teams and want him to keep pitching for their fantasy stats...

I was tired of this discussion in February.

As if anything said by anyone not named Lerner, Boras or Rizzo would have any effect.

BTW - Thank you Dodgers! When the $154,000,000 player explains THE COLLAPSE as, "It was God's Plan." you know that you bought a pig in a poke.

Boston Herald headline today, "Bums Away". "Bums to Bums" might have been better.

At least it wasn't the NL East.

BTW - The eye chart is funny.



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