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September 09, 2012


How about the GymCojones?

Which one gets to be the scowler?

This year, the rookies have sometimes comprised half the starting line-up! Let's hear it for this year's crop: Bryce, Lombo, Merry Tyler Moore, Sandy Leon, Jonatan Solano, Corey Brown and now call-ups Christian Garcia and Eury Perez! (Did I miss anyone?)

Thought you could use a laugh.

Dont hate me because I'm a Yankee fan (long story believe me)! But I have to say I'm beyond impressed with your Nationals. The ownership and management have done it picture perfect by the book assembling this team. With all the home grown talent, they just damned good, they are an enjoyable and exciting team to watch! I wish your team all the luck in the world, unless of course they're playing my beloved Yanks (which I can assure you wont happen this year and it's not because Washington wont be there)! Best of luck!

Charlie, you sound like my husband, a lifelong Yankees fan. He refers to the Nats as his favorite National League team now.

I am a life long yankees fan but living in washington dc the nats are my nl team. You guys have impressed me this season so keep up the good work.

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