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October 15, 2012


So much for St. louis being the classiest market for baseball

first and foremost, you have to do something before you can have an attitude..you have no series rings, no tradition, no history, no roster no Hall of Famers,..you got nothing. Like Harper, a punk, who is going to get taken out and not with a ball to the back, yo need to sit your ass down in the back of the room and STFU

Boy you would think with all those accomplishments the cards, and there fans, would be more busy playing instead of going all jersey shore nearly a were later. Good at baseball, but apparently a bunch that's pretty insecure and pathetic.

Who cares about all this crap. Im a Nats fan and they choked. End of story.

No, no, he was just adjusting his magic underpants.

As a Nationals fan I want to play either the Cardinals, Braves, Giants, and Reds everyday, and throw in the Yankees and Orioles too! That's how you become good, playing the best teams and learning form them.

Fear none of them, but respect what they can show and teach you.

Besides, we are building for 2013 and beyond and really should not have been in postseason this year, albet I'll take it.


Maybe his balls were itching. I hate when that happens.

Thought thats what ball girls are for....

Well, at least Bryce managed to get a hold of something in that at-bat. Kid's got a grip. And lots of free time to use it.

Motte wasn't even looking at him when his hand traveled to the crotch region.

Only Bryce knows if he meant anything by it and chances are like many baseball players, it was subconscious and meant nothing as ballplayers readjust the cup all the time. If not the cup its the nose or a good loogy spit.

Absolutely much to do about nothing.

i saw it. he grabbed his crotch and made a funky face. it looked punk.
i made the same move towards davey jones after the game because he blew the nats season by leaving gio in way too long and then bringing in jackson. then went on to overuse a burned out bullpen when the game was out of hand.
add in the misuse of strasburg and you have a major league choke by a team that could have won it all.
now we have to wait another 100 80 years

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