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October 16, 2012


I can't really argue with the Cardinals here, I saw it too. :(

Go San Francisco Giants.

When you add this to the chants of "IN-FIELD-FLY!" in their locker room after the WC play-in game win, this team is pretty much a fistful of assholes.

I was at the game and like I said at the time (no hindsight) I saw it from 200 feet away that Gio was agitated and wasn't hitting his spots in the 4th inning and I was writing it at the time on the in-game thread on NatsInsider.com that nobody was warming in the bullpen.

As I wrote, you have 8 guys in the bullpen + EJax (in case there was extra innings...cough cough) so why not bring in Mattheus or Garcia to start the 5th.

I was surprised Gio came out for the 5th inning and he was fortunate to leave the game at 6-3.

At that point, the Cardinals were back in the game.

Steve, I just read the NatsInsider.com posts as the game is in the 4th and yes, i see quite a few posts to pull Gio.

Gio folded. Hard to get out of my mind Gio walking off the field talking to himself. On the big stage, Gio fell off the stage.

He looked like Cry Young.

Nats should have never shut down Stras. How ironic that they fell bc of a total pitching collapse....Needs: They need a shutdown bulldog closer. You cant pussy around with batters in the 9th. Youve got to attack and throw strikes!

Actually, in watching the replay of Storen's pitching, he did throw strikes, but was squeezed a bit by the umpire, in my humble (and certainly biased) opinion. I could see the umpire not wanting to pull the plug on one batter and issuing a walk, but the second walk could have easily gone in favor of the Nationals. A shame. But what a season!

The Cards' middle infielders better wear good shinguards when they play the Nats in March.

Spikes up.

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