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October 14, 2012


Actually it should be J-Zim throwing the first pitch to Pagan because Nats would be home team.

3 words: AHEAD OF SCHEDULE This year playoffs were bonus. I consider it graduate school for the Nats youngsters. They built up some good scar tissue in the Cards series.

I'm not even watching the playoffs anymore. Too painful.

Really wish the local football team had a name that wasn't hideously offensively racist. I'm not much of a football fan, but they seem to have a really likeable and talented QB this year. And it'd be nice to bold a bit with the football fans who took to the Nats this year. But it's really, really hard to root for a team with a name and logo like that...

Sorry, but it RG III's town now. The Nats were just renting his air.

PS - What a bummer. Mrs. Dman had a very bad weekend.

Friday night's stunning Washington Nationals loss is the greatest DC sports fiasco of all time. It is even more humiliating than the Washington Capitals numerous playoff implosions. The St. Louis Cardinals are the real deal and I hope they go on to repeat as World Series Champs. Even after being down 6 to 0, the Cardinals never gave up. They are the real Jedi Knights. The Nats are more like the hapless red shirt wearing security guys on Star Trek who always ended up getting killed. Davey Johnson is a false prophet. He is just as responsible for the Nats losing as poor Drew Storen. I knew Jedi Master Yoda. He was a friend of mine. Davey Johnson is no Jedi Master. I became too emotionally invested with the Nats and I know better since I consider sports to be nothing more than a vehicle to keep the masses distracted by the Powers that Be :O). Fight the Power! My focus for baseball next year will revert back to what it has always been: drinking beer, eating yummy food that is bad for me, making a public spectacle of myself in the hopes of ending up on the Jumbrotron, and collecting bobble heads as part of a diversified retirement portfolio.

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