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October 13, 2012


That's a blown save to whatever front office dude could have stopped this from going out. He should be hanging his head lower than Drew Storen.

I got one of those. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?????

How does this work? Don't season ticket holders put a deposit on postseason tickets earlier and receive a big package of tickets? Would this have been a presale to buy more tickets on top of that?

I am not alone in believing doctors and trainers have gone too far in ruining baseball. Forget pitch counts and radar guns. If Sandy Koufax were pitching today, he'd be on the DL forever. Nolan Ryan would be lucky to have 2-3 complete games a year. I wish the Nats good luck in ever getting to the World Series unless we stop the Buloney.

oh well

to JW - some season ticket holders like myself did not purchase the strip of tickets. This was one of the presales for season ticket holders to by individual tickets or more tickets.

Cub fans get this email every season.

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