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October 03, 2012


That's right, the Nats didn't lose their starting stud catcher Ramos for the year and Morse for a good chunk of the year with the lat, and Werth with the broken wrist, and RZim with the shoulder, and Desi with the oblique, and Wang with his leg, and Storen with his elbow, and Davey Johnson today!

Basically Jimmy Rollins is talking out of his a$$. He doesn't know what he is talking about. Its like be a sore loser but Jimmy knows what a frontrunner is!

F.U. Jimmy!

Hey Jimmy, I guess your upper management thinks the problem is your coaches and players because
moments after Game 162 ended, the Phillies commenced what could be a winter of change. First-base coach Sam Perlozzo will not be retained, GM Ruben Amaro Jr. announced at Nationals Park.

An hour later, the team revealed bench coach Pete Mackanin and hitting coach Greg Gross were not returning.

This is the arrogance from the Phillies (and their fans) that makes them so easy to hate. They act as if they were the Yankees b/c they had a nice five year run. But that run hardly entitles them to perpetual success. Besides that and the 80s World Series they were always an after thought. Idiot, delusional comments like this (totally disrespecting Nats and Braves) will make the fall of Jarassic Philly even more fun to watch.

Owen, where were all you Nationals fans at until this season. Phillies fans aren't arrogant. You just don't like the fact that Phillies fans used to fill the seats in DC, when the Phils came to town. They ran(Phila)radio ads for good seats in DC.

Rollins is classless punk. At least the Atlanta Braves are honorable warriors and Chipper Jones is a class act unlike Jimmy Rollins. The Braves scare me because you know they want to win one for the Chipper! Go Nats!

BigT, your idea of being a fan is like a scene of Jersey Shore. Loudmouth greasers getting their kicks from being obnoxious. You can't go to another ballpark like an invited guest and show due respect.

Loser talk. I'd expect to hear this from an intoxicated fan in the upper deck at Citizens Bank Park, but not from a player. The Phillies got what they deserved this season.

Big T where were the Phillies fans before 2008. I live in that area, and until they made the playoffs you could walk up to the stadium day of game and get lower level seats. Phillies fans always act like their stadium was full in the down years. Plus you guys hated it when Mets fans used to come down to Philly and take over.

stereotypical philadelphian right here, looks like its spread to the athletes too

Thanks for proving my point big t. Those days of Juan Samuel and Von Hayes in an empty Vet sure set the history. Sorry I didn't support Expos. I was a Davey fan with O's when dc had no team.

Just sing that song "Jealousy" JRoll while you are watching the games from your couch.

I still remember when JRoll called his own phans "Frontrunners" and they boo'd his a$$ every at-bat for the remainder of the season until the Phoolies made the playoffs.

A big joke.

Sorry Jimmy, I forgot your the only team that has to fight through injuries and adversity!

Ignorant arrogant douche

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