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November 03, 2012


It should be noted that a different scout, also from another team, predicted Goodwin would be in DC by mid-season 2013, and that was before the week in which he lit-up the AFL and was named Player of the Week. No matter which one turns out to be right, the Nats should avoid any big name CFs in the off-season that would require a multi-year contract.

Why would Scott Boras have anything to say about the Nats not pursuing Michael Bourne in order not to block Brian Goodwin? 1. Bourne will make his money regardless. 2. The writer seems unaware that Brian Goodwin is also represented by Boras. The sooner Goodwin gets to the Majors, the sooner he'll start making big money down the road if he becomes a standout player. That's what Boras should be hoping for.

Just curious: Why is it a headline that Goodwin's HR ball "nearly hit someone"? They were stationary on a blanket, watched it all the way down, and leaned away from it, it wasn't a big deal. HR balls hit into packed stands hit people all the time, especially after being deflected by too many hands battling to catch it. Those are more dangerous because you can get hit when you thought you were in the clear.

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