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December 14, 2012


This whole fiasco can be laid at the feet of Bud Selig. He was SOOO afraid of Peter Angelos trying to dredge up the Holy Grail for professional sports, Anti Trust Exemption, that he basically bent over for Angelos. Thank goodness that the front office led by Mike Rizzo was able to put together a NL East Champion squad this past season. Without having our OWN TV revenue stream coming in, there isn't any way we can compete in free agency with teams like the Dodgers, Angels, Yankees, Red Sox and others like them who has ownership of their own games and have some serious $$$$ to offer.

Plain and simple; Angelos is a douche. I even refuse to go to Ralph Cramden Yards to see the Yankees beat the Baltimorons because I don't want to give Angelos one red cent. He can suck it.

Well upshot is he is old and may die soon... maybe we can resolve things that way.

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