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January 26, 2013


That would be so awesome to just see them walking down the street

It looks like a Boras meeting on the street. Bryce with Espinosa and Werth.

@Brady, Natsfest definitely created some interesting moments for fans. I was using the restroom, for instance, when Gio came right on up to use the urinal right next to me. It definitely was a moment of...."wait, you're one of my favorite players, but the unwritten laws of the men's room say you're not supposed talk while using the bathroom."

I happened to run to Harper at breakfast before NatsFest, and he had a coat then. Saw him on the street later (looks like right around the time this photo was taken) and wondered what had happened to it.

@Ben, uh oh, do you think someone took Bryce's coat? Check eBay for "used" Bryce Harper coat.

This might actually explain Harper's sick tweets from this morning. You telling me the future face can't grab a hoody or jacket from the team store.

Those Lerner's are cheap!!

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