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January 16, 2013


God, if Feffer co-opts "Take on Me," I am going to pitch a riot.

Thanks for the retrospective. I recognize that baseball is a business, and the handwriting for this has been on the wall for a while now... I do think that, at some level, management needs to recognize that the team needs some home-grown favorites. Ryan Zimmerman is great, but he's not Michael Morse. He will be missed.

Adding the prickly Soriano and subtracting the fun loving Morse means the fun times of 2012 are in the past and they are now serious about winning a title (or two or three). That said, I'll miss The Beast.

Who will ever don the Silver Elvis wig with a greater sense of purpose, and not just once, but twice? (Of course, no one, because thankfully the Silver Elvis wig left town with Nyjer Morgan)

There's still that pathetic Asian guy who wanders the stands wearing an ersatz Silver Elvis Wig. I see him before almost every game out on the Scoreboard Walk. For some strange reason I never see any chicks flocking toward him.

I'll miss Michael Morse. He always looked like he was aware that this game-business can also be fun. And I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

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