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March 12, 2013


Don't forget, screaming at the TV while doing his 2,000 piece puzzle and in between doing some tweeters!

Does he verbally chant #USA #USA #USA or just Tweet that.

Note to Under Armour for a new patriotic commerical!

Forget 2017. Why isn't he there now?
And how did they pick Hosmer over LaRoche? Hosmer got abused last night, and isn't nearly the glove LaRoche is.

So he says he wants to work on communication with Span. OK, there would still be time before the season, and 162 games in season.
Mike Trout really has no excuse. Or Ryan Howard. Or Clayton Kershaw. Or Justin Verlander. Or Cole Hamels. Or Cliff Lee. Seems like a lot of missing talent out there.

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