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April 02, 2013


It was upsetting how many people sitting around us didn't realize which player started this new tradition, and that he is no longer with the team.

Well, that was part of the deal. "I'll be gone ..."
Moral: be careful what memes you pick.

Still not sure what to think about this. I really think they're going to miss his bat AND his personality

love it. they should keep playing through instead of cutting the sound for the ooooooooo part as it makes it seem forced instead of the naturally organic way it developed.
And what a great way to remember and honor a truly beloved Nat.

And apparently he commented that it was "weird" that the Nats played it.

Loving the "Werewolves of London" thing for Jayson Werth! The fans have to do their part by howling the "ah..ooouuu" part, It would be great to hear the whole stadium doing it!

Turn the page on Take on Me.

When did he say its "weird" that we played it?

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