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May 05, 2013


We were behind the Nats dugout, and the crowd didn't even realize that Bryce was gone until the Shark was already in LF. Ump was clearly looking for a fight on a lousy call.

@John Hirchbeck...I am a Cardinal's fan so I have no dog in the hunt, but you are not "part of the game." You are an accessory to the game. Throwing him out for showing you up for your bad call is childish and dumb. Your explanation of the events is even worse. Make your calls and continue to stay obscure. We pay to watch the players, not you injecting yourself into the game for whatever reason you can come up with. Horrible display on your part. Your reaction makes you appear small.

was at the game and Harper clearly deserved to get the heave. Players need to be held accountable for their actions.He showed no respect for the umpire.

Did I blink or should the homeplate umpire called it strike 3 before all this poo started.

Hirschbeck is like the little guy who was never good enough to make the team so he became an umpire. So if he ever gets a chance, his dream is to eject a player or players thereby showing that he is important too! What a jerk! I can't believe he's still around. Why can't mlb get rid of these guys that think they are the reason people come to see the game. Guys like Harper are making baseball exciting and fun not the umpires. Good grief!

Not Harpers biggest fan but this was totally unwarranted. Matt you put it best. And of course he was pissed for getting called out. Just an ump flexing his muscles.

Umpirers need to held accountable has well as the players but they never are. Just look when they are behind the plate, how often they are wrong on calling balls and strikes and they are getting worse instead of better. Talk about players egos; Umpires egos need to also e helled in check. Like someone just said No one comes to the games to see umpires.

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