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August 16, 2013


Oh it would be soo nice to beat the shit out of these assholes!

The Nats have no heart as they let the Braves get away with drilling Harper. What BS. We need a good old fashion bench clearing brawl. Where is Nyjer Morgan when you need him? He would certainly get some payback and uphold the Nats’ honor.

Hey at least our pitcher was actually able to hit the guy he was throwing at. Strasburg got tossed and couldn't even throw a proper beanball. He sucks at sucking, which is hard to do.

Let the butthurt flow throw you! Continue to not understand the concept of the beanball .. and instead .. assume people get popped with lollipop curves ...

You will be a great addition to the stupid side, young infant Gnatspos fan ... your bandwagon fanbase ... it needs more like you ...

Just for future reference .. only an incredibly ignorant douche would feel sharing the tweet of one Braves fan .. out of the millions nationwide .. is somehow relevant to anything .. ever.

Obviously a small handful of Braves fans .. hand picked by you with the intention of pathetic whining .. is an unbiased look at the most expansive fanbase in baseball.

Bryce Harper on Braves fans: "I love these fans. I really do. They're absolutely unbelievable for their team. If I was playing for a team like this and had a crowd like that, I'd be stoked to play here every night too."

You know the difference between you two? Well .. other than Harper actually having talent at what he does (and not being a complete moron?)

He knows things about baseball .. and isn't a whiny prick.

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